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Gen Con Indy 2003 Auction Recap

The 2003 Gen Con Game Auction was a success in Indianapolis!

Excitement was in the air as the auction staff arrived to host the first-ever Gen Con game auction at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis. To say that the new facilities are "large" for Gen Con at the Indiana Convention Center would be an understatement. The convention center is huge, beautiful, and conveniently linked to eight different hotels by way of skywalks.

Several of the outlying hotels hosted events, and the Auction itself was placed in the Capitol Ballroom in the Westin. Again, the Westin is just across the street from the convention center and easily accessible by way of the 2nd floor skywalk.

We were extremely pleased to see many former Milwaukee regulars and Origins auction customers at the first Indy auction.

Here are some of the numbers generated:

The top valued items sold:

  1. $650.00     The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (original tournament module for Winter Con V) by TSR
  2. $625.00     Titan: The Monster Slugathon (with Borderlands Expansion) by Gorganstar
  3. $590.00     Dinosaur Dice: Boxed Presentation Set by Crystal Caste
  4. $550.00     Ten Speed-Painted Figures for the Aces Charity Auction
  5. $500.00     Palace of the Vampire Queen, 1st Printing
  6. $350.00     Magic: The Gathering Revised Edition Sealed Booster Box
  7. $220.00     Tom Wham's Last Bolotomus Pelt Plush
  8. $185.00     Broadsides & Boarding Parties by Milton Bradley
  9. $180.00     Lizardmen (Boxed Warhammer Army)
  10. $180.00     Dark Tower by Milton Bradley

The auction was smooth as silk thanks to our 40 regular staff members who worked long and hard to ensure a well-run event. Based on this first auction in Indianapolis, we are all looking forward to a long and successful run for the future in this city.

We thank all of our loyal customers for participating in the auction and continuing to make it a highlight event at the Gen Con gaming convention!

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