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Origins 2003 Announcement

Unfortunately, due to a lack of event support from GAMA, I have been forced to withdraw from hosting and organizing the auction event at the Origins 2003 game convention. As of March 4, 2003, GAMA revamped the Origins web site without any mention of the game auction. Additionally, they have remained uncommitted regarding the event. Due to my own planning and scheduling requirements, I sent an email to the GAMA executive director withdrawing my services.

Plans for the Gen Con 2003 game auction in Indianapolis are well under way. Gen Con remains totally committed to the auction event and plans are also in the works for an auction at the new Gen Con Southern California convention in December 2003.

Thank you for your continued support of our game auctions!

Kenneth Fonarow
The Weekend Warrior Game Company

P.S. Go to ConsimWorld to see the full discussion. You may either join (in order to post) or click on "Guest Access". Click on "All Msg" to view all messages in the thread.

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